Special Interest Panels

The VAX Special Interest Panels (SIPs) is a space for free-flowing discussions on any topics relevant to your interests. You can give a presentation about transforming robots, the plethora of ponies, discuss the mechanics of waving lightsticks or even engage in a debate on who has the best twintails.

Hobby groups and passionate individuals are invited to sign up for a 30-min presentation slot at VAX – it’s free! Visitors are welcome to participate in the panels – also for free! 

SIPS @ VAX2017

Do check back for the list of panels for this year!


  1. Interested panellists are advised to avoid submitting topics that may contain religious, racial or content that may hurt the sensitivities of the public.
  2. Excessive usage of vulgarities during the panel session might result in the cancellation of the session immediately.
  3. Panellists shall refrain from physical contact with the audience and vice-versa.
  4. Panellists are only allowed to talk about the topic as stated in their application.
  5. VAX will not be held responsible for individual marketing and promotion of each panel.
  6. VAX will not be held responsible for the lack of audience attendance during the panel session.
  7. VAX reserves the right to stop the panel session at any time without prior notice.
  8. Attempting to sell illegal, bootleg, pirated, unlicensed or goods without the approval of the VAX committee will result in an immediate halt to the panel.
Visual Arts Expo 2017

Visual Arts Expo 2017