Gracing the stage at VAX2017 is anisong singer AiRI! Since the early 2000s, she started to sing PC GAME songs (as a stage name “UR@N”), her powerful high tone voice gained a good reputation. And she has sung the theme song and inserition song of various games so far.

In April 2011, she changed her stage name to “AiRI”, released ED theme song CD of the TV anime “30-sai no Hoken Taiiku” as her first solo tittle. Then, she released single CDs in quick succession as the beginning of the anime tie-up, her first solo CD Album “Puzzle” was completed in February 2012. The Album recorded many songs from UR@N’s to AiRI’s, it became one of the long-awaited CD.

And her first one-man live “Fly high, butterfly!” was held in February 2012. The tickets were immediately sold out, hurriedly added performances held. So it actually became a 2DAYS live.

In 2015. to commemorate 5th anniversary year of activity as AiRI, she held three months in a row one-man live from April. The three lives were held in only each music of the “UR@N” “dai ni bungei bu” “AiRI”. In October 2015, she releaseed a new mini album “Smash !!”. In October 2016, she releaseed CD of the TV anime”Keijo!!!!!!”OP theme song”DREAMxSCRAMBLE!!”.

Now, she expands her activities such as act as a radio personality of “A&G ARTIST ZONE THE CATCH” every Thursday. (The program of Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.)

Learn more about AiRI on her official website.

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Visual Arts Expo 2017

Visual Arts Expo 2017